window projected installation




Play for Two Hands and Black

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Project infos

two channel video installation
The installation is aimed at the casual viewer, in the throng of passers-by, on a street. The subject of the «Play for Two Hands and Black» is the relationships between space, time, matter and body.
The viewer is attracted by the movement of two hands - a man's and a woman's. Both hands are within the shots on a big window. The sheer size of the hands transforms the size of the building, which becomes part of the work. The black background and the specific lighting personalize the hands, morphing them into two portraits, two symbols of a male and female beginning. Upon appearing, each hand is within its own box, delineated by the frame of the window. The hands touch, gradually their movements become aggressive, and the first black spot appears on one of them. They fight, love, hate each other. They gradually become darker as they are covered with the sticky, black substance until they almost disappear into the black background. Realizing their imminent demise, the hands try to clean each other off until they become visible once again, separate, personalized. The circle begins anew, instilling the feeling of an endless cycle of love and hate, of depersonalization and re-personalization.

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