let’s have some fun

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Project infos

video, 4.42min / The sound of a beating heart. The viewer sees a moving abstraction - perhaps water, perhaps micro-organisms. Suddenly, the sounds of a beating heart are replaced by "hardtek" trance techno music. We are aurally whisked away into the club scene. The image is still abstract. The light, which follows the musical rhythm and is constantly changing colour and brightness, puts us in a carefree party mood. The image is ever-changing, the colours follow suit. Gradually, the image materializes, it seems that we can recognize the outlines of moving, living entities. The camera never stops its movement. The colours disappear, the music stops, the viewer is faced, much like after waking up from a late night binge, with a horrifying reality - he has been witnessing countless ants mercilessly devouring a grasshopper....

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