Desire and Resistance Determine the Motion

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Project infos

video, 7min / In the opening frames of this video we see an almost indiscernible object in a tiny square of light surrounded by the infinite blackness of the rest of the screen. As the square grows larger and larger, we realize that this is a tangle of rags at the end of a rope drifting in the frothy wake of a ship. The aesthetic impact of the image is partly due to the lack of an easily identifiable purpose behind this “event”. What intensifies the sense of uncertainty is the banging of the object against the ship’s invisible iron body. The echo sounds like the beating of a drum but the regular rhythm reminds one of a human heartbeat. Thus the viewer is left hovering on the precarious borderline between the inorganic and the organic. At the end of the video, the object goes out of focus and ends up engulfed by the froth around it. The image is blurred but the ubiquitous beatings keep coming against the background of the restored blackness of the screen.

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